Schizophrenia in Canada – A National Report

This report describes what schizophrenia is, how people with schizophrenia are discriminated against and how the lack of access to proper care impedes their recovery. Research for the report found that government funding for mental health care varies across the country; wait times for treatment of mental illness are much higher than what is considered clinically reasonable by psychiatrists and psychologists; and numerous medications are available in Canada, yet access to them differs from region to region.

A caring and just society will provide an array of treatments and services that help those people with an illness live beyond the limitations of their illness. But that doesn’t happen for people with schizophrenia. Social prejudice results in a lack of access to care in the form of treatment and community supports and closes off the road to recovery.
People with schizophrenia are just like everyone else, with hopes and dreams to lead a meaningful life but their illness may hamper this. They are people who want to live beyond the limitations of one of the most potentially devastating mental illnesses but the lack of recovery-oriented services gets in the way. They are people who want to be treated as equally as any other illness group, but stigma and discrimination get in the way.

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