Coroners Inquest Results – Ross Allan

The following are excerpts from an open letter from Ross’s parents:

“We are very relieved and happy that a record 43 jury recommendations were made as a result of testimony from about 2 dozen witnesses.”

“For the first time in six years, we felt that we had been fully listened to. It was very important for us that an independent jury of five listened carefully considering all the testimony and submitted evidence and then rendering many unbiased, independent recommendations in their own words. And we think they did a magnificent job.”

“In summary, our questions have been answered and we now feel there has been justice for Ross. Also some verification of what we have been saying for the past 5 years about the many cracks and flaws in the medical system. We believe these recommendations should be a wake up call to medical professionals about certain mental illness issues and the way that they treat patients and deal with close family members.

Thank you to those who support our fight to change the way things are done in regards to those who suffer from mental illness.”

You can view a copy of the recommendations at: