PRIORITY: Advocating for a Recovery Model that Includes Severe Mental Illness

RecoveryThe Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Declaration of Commitment to Recovery outlines key recovery principles in an effort to make recovery a reality across the mental health system. However, many of these principles exclude individuals who, because of their illness, are not able to direct their own care.

Background: On May 8, 2014, the Mental Health Commission of Canada released its Recovery Declaration “to promote understanding of key recovery principles and stimulate implementation of recovery-oriented approaches” and asked organizations and individuals to sign the Declaration as a show of support.

Aim: Advocate for a Comprehensive Recovery Model that includes principles for individuals whose illness prevents them from actively engaging with and directing their own recovery.

Results: We have outlined our concerns to Dr. David Goldbloom, Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and are engaged in a discussion with Dr. Goldbloom regarding the intent and implications of the Declaration.

Relevant Documents:

MHCC Recovery Declaration

Correspondence with Mental Health Commission of Canada

[PDF – MHCC Recovery Correspondence]

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