Disability Assistance and Trusts

Many people with disabilities find they have extra costs because of their disability. Some of these costs might include changes to their home to accommodate their disability, mobility aids, or money for home support workers. People who have these or other disability-related costs (and their families) may want to create resources to pay for these costs now and in the future, while still maintaining eligibility for disability assistance.

BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA) legislation provides that a person receiving disability assistance can have assets held in a trust, under certain conditions, without those assets affecting eligibility for assistance.

This booklet explains:

  • what a trust is;
  • what the different kinds of trusts are;
  • who can set up a trust for you;
  • how having a trust affects your disability assistance; and
  • how you can use the money in your trust without affecting your disability assistance.

This booklet is designed to address trusts for people with disabilities receiving disability assistance. However, there are similar provisions for trusts for persons living in special care facilities.

Table Of Contents

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