Coroners Inquest Jury Recommendations in the Death of Paul Boyd

Coroners inquest results are back with recommendations from the inquest into a man who died after being shot by Vancouver police.

According to CBC news article Aug 20, 2007, “A man shot and killed by Vancouver police had been bipolar for almost 20 years, and could have been suffering from mania and depression at the time of his death on Aug. 13, his family said Monday”
A coroners inquest was held Dec 13-17, 2010, and these are the recommendations from it:

Pursuant to Section 38 of the Coroners Act, the following recommendations are forwarded to the Chief Coroner of the Province of British Columbia for distribution to the appropriate agency:


To: Minister of Health, Government of British Columbia

1. We recommend mandatory utilization of extended leave, as defined in the Mental Health Act, for a person(s) suffering from a serious mental illness to ensure the person’s well-being, mental health, and safety of the public.
2. We recommend funding by the Ministry of Health to provide additional dedicated teams such as “CAR 87” for mental health emergencies on a 24 hour basis.
3. We recommend the establishment of 24-hour community based walk-in clinics for the mentally ill.

To: President & CEO, E-Comm

4. We recommend a review of E-Comm’s internal communication structure and co-ordination of incoming calls.
5. We recommend that E-Comm implement a more effective means of coordinating information between E-Comm and Emergency Services.

To: CEO, Vancouver Coastal Health
Chief Constable, Vancouver Police Department

6. We recommend the establishment of a joint databank between the mental health department and the Vancouver Police Department of people with mental health issues.

To: Chief Constable, Vancouver Police Department

7. We recommend a review of all significant police incidents for assessing the effectiveness of police training.
8. We recommend increased mandatory training for police officers interacting with persons suffering from mental health issues with emphasis on effective de-escalation tactics.
9. We recommend intermediate weapons made available to all VPD officers