2012 MIND Grant Recipients

We are pleased to recognize the following recipients of six grants awarded to young schizophrenia researchers this year:

Open Grant of 20,000:

  • Dr. Bernard Macleod (Associate Professor, UBC): To study a new novel drug, isovaline, for its ability to alleviate cocaine addiction in an animal model. This drug has previously been shown to reduce pain and this is a potential new application.
  • Dr. Peter Reiner (Professor, UBC): To develop an evidence based rational for delivering messages to the public that will reduce stigma and discrimination toward those with mental illness. It is evident current approaches using logic are not very effective.
  • Dr. Caili Wu, (Researcher, Hillside Psychiatric Center, Kamloops): To study two experimental procedures, the inhibition of return (IOR) and repetition blindness (RB) to examine whether inhibition is impaired in patients with schizophrenia. The goal is a better understanding of the cognitive deficits that are characteristic of schizophrenia.

Post-Doctoral Grant of $40,000:

  • Dr. Nadine Wicks (Postdoctoral Fellow UBC): To study the role of delta-catenin in regulating adhesions across synapses and its impact on formation and plasticity. This is basically a study of why the schizophrenic’s brain does not wire correctly in its early development.

Young Investigators Grant of $100,000:

  • Dr. Frank Lee (Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University): To study the CB1-D2R dopamine receptor interaction in alcohol addiction and to develop a small inhibitory peptide as a potential therapeutic agent. This could lead to treatments in the future if the peptide is effective.
  • Dr. Jeremy Seamens (Assistant Professor, UBC): To study the use of NVH lesioned rats (a well studied schizophrenia rat model) to address; cellular processes in the prefrontal cortex of the NVH lesioned rats associated with cognitive deficits. The study will also attempt to reverse some of the deficits by directly infusing dopamine into a very small volume of the brain.

We will continue to report back on these individuals and their stories over the course of the next year.