Victoria – Family Counselling

Short-term, Individual Family Counselling

Is your family struggling with a member who has a mental illness?

Do you need information about a mental illness and the recovery process?

Do you need support to cope with your family member’s illness and the consequences it has on them and other family members?

Are you overwhelmed with where to find support and community resources?

Counselling Services Include:

  • Short-term counselling & support, to a maximum of six sessions.
  • Information on serious mental illnesses; diagnosis, treatment options, prognosis and recovery.
  • Assistance with developing skills to help manage the symptoms exhibited by their ill family member.
  • Help with providing an understanding of mental health services and resources including access points and referral processes.
  • Provides support and facilitation of the process of regaining equilibrium in the family.

Short-term Counselling is available for you and your family members at no charge
Call BCSS Victoria Branch at (250) 384-4225