Planned Giving

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  • Discretionary Trust

    This information is for people who want to give money to a relative or friend who will be unable to manage a direct gift by themselves, or whose receipt of an outright gift may affect their entitlement to Disability Benefits.

  • Leaving a Gift Through Your Will

    A gift of a cash bequest or legacy in your will is one of the more common ways to benefit the BC Schizophrenia Society (BCSS). The gift does not take effect until after your death, and is only made if there are funds available in your estate to make the payment. Usually this is done by your will, which specifies a specific amount of money to be paid by your executor to BCSS, after the payment of all debts which may be owing at the time of your death.

  • Endowment Fund

    What is an Endowment Fund?
    An Endowment Fund is usually a specific sum of money which is given to an organization to be held usually in perpetuity (forever). The income generated from the principal gift is used to fund the activities which the Endowment is designated to support. It is truly a lasting legacy, and can be named in memory of a loved one, or yourself.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust

    What is a Charitable Remainder Trust?
    A Charitable Remainder Trust is a formal trust which is created by you,(the Settlor), in which you give property (usually cash) to an individual or professional organization (the Trustee), to hold in trust for yourself (the life tenant) for your life time. On your death, the property held in trust goes to the charity or charities of your choice (the residuary beneficiary). The gift is irrevocable: once the funds are given, they cannot be taken back.