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1. Skill-based volunteers: Give your skills that you are good at
2. Committee Members: Join our different committees
3. On-going Volunteers: Volunteer with us for our ongoing operations
4. Current Board Members: Check out our BCSS Board Members and our MIND Board Members


Local businesses can support by partnering with us and contributing to British Columbia Schizophrenia Society or MIND foundation of BC..

Spread the Word

1. Become a Fan on Facebook and Twitter and post advocacy and awareness messages to your profile
2. Subscribe to our Newsletter
3. Add our donation link to your email signature [Donate to the BC Schizophrenia Society] or [Donate to MIND Foundation of BC]
4. Encourage family members or persons with Schizophrenia or Psychosis to speak in Partnership Presentations (Contact your local branch or coordinator)
5. Bring a Friend to join our Social Media or Newsletter


Run, swim, bike, bake, give up your birthday presents or raise money for US. You can create a personal giving page benefiting the BC Schizophrenia Society or MIND Foundation of BC, then email your friends and family with a personal request that they donate via this giving page, along with a link. You will be emailed when they donate, and they will get a tax receipt.
(Tip: We would be happy to set the giving page and link up for you too, just ask: Email: development@nullbcss.org | Phone: 604.270.7841 | Toll Free: 1.888.888.0029)