Advocating for a Recovery Model that Includes Severe Mental Illness

The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Declaration of Commitment to Recovery outlines key recovery principles in an effort to make recovery a reality across the mental health system. However, many of these principles exclude individuals who, because of their illness, are not able to direct their own care. [Read more…]



Advocating for Adherence to Coroners Services Inquest Recommendations

The BC Coroners Service is responsible for investigating unnatural, sudden, and unexpected deaths and identifying and advancing recommendations to individuals, groups, and agencies aimed at prevention of death in the future under similar circumstances. These recommendations provide an opportunity to improve services for the mentally ill and their families and need to be closely monitored. [Read more…]



Promoting Family Involvement among Health Professionals

The National Guidelines for Family Caregivers recognize the invaluable contribution that families make caring for the mentally ill. Health professionals need to recognize these contributions, support families, and work with them to ensure the best care possible for people living with mental illness.
[Read more…]

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