Where do I get help for my loved one?

bcca_map[1]If you’re trying to get help for a loved one with schizophrenia, psychosis or another serious mental illness, the BC Schizophrenia Society can help. Because services and procedures vary widely from region to region, it’s helpful to speak to someone familiar with the local situation, like our coordinators.

Getting started:

  • Family Help Lookup Tool – This is a short form that will create a list of local contact information, recommendations and resources based on your location and situation.
  • BCSS Mental Health Family Support and Education: The BC Schizophrenia Society educators are part time or full time staff in regions throughout BC who provide support, information and referrals to family members of persons with a mental illness.  They will often know the ins and outs of local services and resources, and can help you navigate the maze of services.
  • BCSS Regional Services: In addition to our educators, in regions not served by educators we often have volunteers who can help orient families new to mental health services and provide support.
  • HealthLinkBC – for non-emergency advice and referral to services.
  • Crisis booklet for families
  • Advocating for your relative and yourself.

You may also want to connect with one of our programs, including respite help for family members, kids in control for kids with parents with a mental illness or our Strengthening Families Together family education course.