Forensic Psychiatric Services

This 2011 booklet for families explains BC’s forensic psychiatry services. More current information is available on the BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services Website here.

BCSS FPI Forensic booklet (pdf) (printable with pictures)

BCSS FPI Forensic booklet (word doc)

Forensic Psychiatric Services: Information for Families
British Columbia Schizophrenia Society
3rd edition September 2011

Table of Contents

Introduction 2
Relationship Between Mental Illness and Criminal Behaviour 3
Forensic Patients: Types of Legal Status 4
Forensic Psychiatric Assessments 5
Fitness to Stand Trial/Not Criminally Responsible 6
British Columbia Review Board 8
Forensic Psychiatric Hospital 10
Legal Services for Patients 13
Forensic Psychiatric Services – Regional Programs 14
Role of Families 16
Family Access to Clinical Information 17
Family Access to Legal Information 18
Questions to Ask the Clinical Team 18
Tips for Family Members 19
Support for Families 21
What Lawyers Need to Know 22
Resources for Families 23
Contact Information List 24
Evaluation and Feedback 25
Glossary of Terms 26