Recommendations for family members with a loved one in the hospital


We recommend you:

  • Contact the BCSS educator for your area  Toll Free: 1.888.888.0029
  • Some regions have a family support staff member to assist you while your loved one is in hospital.
  • We suggest you request a family meeting with the care team at the hospital

Further Suggestions and Resources:

Keep in mind that the following is quite normal:

      1. It can take longer than you think for an exact diagnosis to be made. They can usually start treating the illness anyhow. Generally the diagnosis is narrowed down over the first year or two, based on how the person’s brain responds to treatment.
      2. The clinical team may be focussed on getting the medication fit right and less on counselling or other talk therapy in the beginning. This is because counselling may be less effective until the main illness is more under control.
      3. Particularly with psychosis and schizophrenia, the doctor will likely try several medications, one at a time, for a few weeks each, until the one that fits best is found. It may take several tries to find the one that works best with the least side effects. The hospital is a good place to get this started, as the treatment team can be sure the person is taking their medications correctly and at the right dosage. If the person has difficulty remembering to take their full dose of medications or is too ill to recognize the need for them, then long acting injectable versions of the medication can be a good option after the right medication is found.