2014 Clinical Neurosciences Conference

This year’s Clinical Neurosciences meeting “Innovative Ideas in Trauma, Addiction and Mood” was a very exciting meeting. Trauma was an overarching theme of this year’s conference. Our speakers offered a broad range of expertise on Addiction, from Dr. Gabor Mate’s talk on unique ways of looking at the personal experiences of people with addictions to Dr. Carl Hart’s novel research on people with crack cocaine addiction. Our first speaker Elder Roberta Price shared her distressing personal experiences in residential school. Dr. Will Panenka presented the concept of how Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) affects patients with Substance Abuse and Mental Illness (SAMI). Mood Disorders talks included Dr. Heather Robertson speaking about Ketamine in the treatment of Refractory Depression and Dr. Chris Gorman on Group Medical Treatment of Mood Disorders.

Some of the comments after this event included “So much gratitude and appreciation for this important roster of speakers” and “The most holistic medical conference I have been to. Thank you.” A copy of the original conference brochure is here: CN-Brochure-2014