2016 Family Conference Videos and Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint Presentation Files from the 2016 Family Conference

Video files

• Keynote Presentation I: Access & Assessment Centre (AAC): A New Service for Vancouver Residents to Access Mental Health & Substance Use Services

• Keynote Presentation II: Finding Clarity in Chaos: Principles for Developing Health and Recovery

    o Dr. Diane Fredrikson (Physician Lead for the Early Psychosis Intervention Program at Vancouver Coastal Health)

• Keynote Presentation III: When Treatments are Inadequate – New Hope for Patients

    o Dr. Randall F. White (Medical Director, B.C. Psychosis Program, Clinical Associate Professor, UBC)

• Panel I: Support for Families in Need

    o Moderator: Sally Hull
    o Panelists: Justun Miller, Heidi Schoenberger

• Panel II: How Families Can Advocate for Improved Mental Health Care

    o Moderator: Susan Inman
    o Panelists: Jane Duval, Erin Hawkes Emiru, Linda Parrott, Marilyn Baker

Family Involvement with Mental Health and Addiction Services Policy