Reaching Out Video with Chinese Subtitles

達成視頻故事講述生活與精神分裂症,以及為什麼它是非常重要的早期獲得幫助。 The reaching out video tells the story of living with schizophrenia, and why it’s important to get help early.

  • 社區視頻顯示,朱莉,高中學生,學習有關精神分裂症和獲得幫助,為她的朋友托德。 The community video shows Julie, a high school student, learning about schizophrenia and getting help for her friend Todd.
  • 醫師視頻訪談,醫生對的重要性,早期干預在精神病和精神分裂症患者。

    The physician video has interviews with doctors on the importance of early intervention in psychosis and schizophrenia.

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社區精神分裂症視頻 Community Schizophrenia Video