The BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation (BCSSF) aims to support research that is focused on understanding and treating schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders.

Working with Michael Smith Health Research BC

Research is critical for understanding schizophrenia and psychosis and developing the most effective treatments. BCSSF is proud to partner with Michael Smith Health Research BC (previously Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research) to provide awards through their Research Trainee Competition and other award categories.

This partnership aims to create new generations of talented researchers in schizophrenia by providing support to post-doctoral or health professional researchers. By partnering with Michael Smith Health Research BC, BCSSF co-funds research projects, thereby doubling the amount of money for investigations that lead to better care, treatments, and discoveries that may one day lead to a cure.

The foundation is committed to ensuring that research into schizophrenia and related disorders continues in British Columbia.

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Research funding

Schizophrenia research generally remains underfunded in Canada, yet this research is essential to make it possible for future generations to be free of this debilitating illness. BCSSF facilitates funding for research into schizophrenia and related disorders in British Columbia. Funds from an endowment fund and individual donors support these schizophrenia research projects.

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Our research projects

For the responsible disbursement of designated funds, the BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation partners with the Michael Smith Health Research BC organization (MSHRBC), British Columbia’s preeminent health research agency. Each dollar invested in research is matched by MSHRBC, which doubles the contribution.

Four schizophrenia research projects are currently underway. BCSSF eagerly awaits applicants for competitions in new research categories, including in areas that will feature collaboration between scientists of different disciplines.

  • The goal of this project is to enhance the beneficial effect of this Metacognitive Training and establish methods for objective monitoring of successful therapy.

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  • The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for the treatment of serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Patient avoidance of health services and the rapid switch from in-person to virtual delivery of services may have created barriers to accessing specialist services. The aim of the study is to evaluate whether access to adequate psychiatric care for serious mental disorders changed between 2015 and 2022, particularly after the onset of the pandemic.

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  • This project aims to investigate the severity, pattern, and variation in cognitive functioning among individuals with treatment-resistant schizophrenia (TRS) and to determine whether cognitive difficulties predict treatment response and functioning.

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  • The study aims to provide novel insights into how gut microorganisms can affect the brain’s immune cells and alter behaviour, resulting in mental illnesses. This research may offer new targets for the therapeutic management of mental health conditions, including schizophrenia.

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Give to research

Contributions to the BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation help us fund research into schizophrenia spectrum disorders.