The BC Schizophrenia Society is governed by a volunteer board of directors, with the provincial office located in Vancouver and community outreach workers (aka Regional Educators) providing support to families located in their own local communities across BC.

BC Schizophrenia Society Board


David Halikowski



Jack Middleton



Joanne Leung


Fred Dawe


Donna Motzer
SSC Representative)


Lena Bortnick


Susan Inman


Dr. John Gray


Don Monsour


Colleen Crossley

Dr. Fidel Vila-Rodriguez

Paul Bhusan



BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation

Renato Zane


Jeff Bagshaw


Joanne Leung


Elaine Pura


Bob Baker



Margareta Dovgal


Guelda Redman

Chris Sandy


Medical Advisory Committee


Dr. William Honer



Dr. Bill MacEwan



Dr. Anthony Phillips



Dr. Randall F. White



Dr. Diane MacIntosh



Debbie Thompson


Dr. Tom Ehmann


Provincial Office Staff


Faydra Aldridge
Chief Executive Officer


Andrew Stewart
Director, Operations and Programs


Suneeta Bangar
Finance Manager


Jean Fong
Marketing & Communications Manager


Neha Bhattacharya
Digital Communications Coordinator


Program Staff

Vancouver Island Region

  • Vancouver Island Regional Manager |  Danita Senf |  250-709-2985 |  vimanager@bcss.org
  • North Vancouver Island Regional Educator | Michelle Gallant | 250-937-0782 | northvi@bcss.org
  • Central Vancouver Island Regional Educator |  Melissa Trowbridge |  250-937-1403 |  centralvi@bcss.org
  • Cowichan Regional Educator |  Janet Simpson-Cooke |  250-466-9073 |  cowichan@bcss.org
  • South Vancouver Island Regional Educator | Nancy Murphy | 250-686-8422 | southvi@bcss.org


Coastal Region


Interior Region


Northern Interior Region


Northwest Region


Northeast Region


Strengthening Families Together


Kids & Teens in Control 



BCSS Constitution & Bylaws (updated 2018)

View and download our latest constitution and bylaws PDF here.

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