To alleviate potential burden on the health care system, the BC Pharmacy Association and some pharmaceutical companies have put in strategies to help people maintain their treatments without interruption.

For patients with an existing prescription, pharmacies can provide a 30-day refill without you having to visit your doctor’s office. For patients without an existing prescription, you will have to still visit your health care provider for a prescription.

Read what the BC Pharmacy Association is saying directly for more details and information.

Otsuka-Lundbeck also has a patient support program that helps administer long acting injectable medication to those already prescribed Abilify Maintena. Family members, caregivers, and people living with schizophrenia can talk to their health care providers for a referral.

For people currently on clozapine, stay informed of temporary changes in lab work and symptoms to monitor by reading “What You Need to Know if You’re on Clozapine During COVID-19.”