This November, BCSS launched its first online Kids in Control group with a group of excited children!

Even though we can’t meet in person right now, we are hearing how children still need the support of Kids in Control – now more than ever. So we’re offering Kids in Control as a eight-week online group, covering all the same important topics. Children still learn about mental illness, identifying feelings, and how to take care of themselves. Most importantly, they learn that they are not alone and are able to connect with other children who may share similar experiences. To adapt to offering online groups, we now have smaller group sizes and invite parents and caregivers to join at the beginning and end of each session.

Even though we talk about some serious topics in Kids in Control, our groups are always lots of fun. We make crafts, play games, win prizes, and eat lots of snacks! We wanted our online groups to be just as fun, so we sent each child their own “Kids in Control Care Box” filled with everything they needed to make the crafts and play the games together online, plus a few treats. As soon as the boxes arrived in the mail, the group members were excited for Kids in Control to start, they couldn’t wait to dig into their boxes! They are already looking forward to getting another box in the mail with the prizes they’ve earned and reminders of what they learned in Kids in Control.

We will be offering more online Kids in Control groups starting this January. These groups are open to children ages 8 to 12 living anywhere in BC who have a family member with mental illness.

To find out more or to register for a Kids in Control group, please contact Rachel Phillips at 778-903-2752 or

BCSS would like to thank the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions and the CKNW Kids’ Fund for their financial support of Kids in Control.