Rosanne Nelson

Thompson-Nicola Regional Educator


British Columbia


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Rosanne Nelson is the Regional Educator for the Thompson-Nicola area. In this position, she provides direct family support, education, and services to families affected by schizophrenia and other serious mental illness. In her role, Rosanne also provides education to community agencies and the general public.

Rosanne joined BCSS in 2017 bringing a passion for mental health education and ending stigma. She has hands-on experience as a parent of an adult child with schizophrenia, as well as being a keen observer of the patterns of mental illness within families.

Rosanne’s journey with her son has given her insights and the ability to provide personalized support to other family members. She readily shares the hopes and the heartbreak that comes from having a loved one with a serious mental illness. She believes strongly in the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. She has learned many life lessons through trial and error with her son, and has direct experience with the mental health system. 

She has co-facilitated the Strengthening Families Together and Strengthening Families Together – First Nations groups, and has worked hard to include the Metis community. Rosanne is enthusiastic about public education, and can be found on local tv or radio programs, talking about healing and hope.

Rosanne dreams of having mental health advocacy take a high-profile in her community and loves to partner with other agencies and individuals to work together toward this goal. She also advocates for the role of family members in the health plans of their loved ones, and is excited to see the climate toward family inclusion growing in BC.

In her free time, Rosanne can be found enjoying a latte with friends, playing with her three cats, getting excited over a Canucks game, reading Angel Cards, and spending time with her husband and three grown sons.