Over the last few months, BCSS has had to make some tough decisions to help ensure that the Fraser Region Team is able to continue providing family support and services in the Fraser Region for as long as possible. Regrettably, this meant that BCSS has had to scale back the number of staff hours and resources available in the region.

As we move forward, the Fraser Region Team, comprised of Andrew K., Hardeep and Nancy, will continue to work together in supporting and providing services for families throughout the Fraser Region for the foreseeable future. The team will continue to run regular Family Support Groups, Strengthening Families Together courses and provide Partnership Education Presentations. Likewise, they will continue to provide support to families. However, regular “meet & greets” will no longer be run throughout the region.

To find the Regional Educator providing support in your community, please consult the list below. For communities not listed, please contact the Regional Educator providing support to the community closest to you.

Hardeep can be reached at frasersouth@bcss.org and 604-574-1976. Nancy can be reached at frasercentral@bcss.org and 604-720-3935.

BCSS appreciates the great work and support that Catherine and Shelley have done in providing services and support to the many families in the Fraser Region affected by serious mental illness. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

If you have any concerns or comments about this announcement, please contact Andrew Kellett at 604 270-7841 or frmanager@bcss.org