BCSS Virtual Annual General Meeting
Saturday, September 26, 2020 | 1:00pm – 3:00pm

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“Schizophrenia in the Time of COVID-19,” this year’s BCSS AGM Education Session Presentation will begin immediately after the AGM (more details below).

British Columbia Schizophrenia Society
2019/20 Annual General Meeting

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Schizophrenia in the Time of COVID-19:
The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Schizophrenia



Since March 2020, it seems like we have been waking up to a different world everyday. And every day, people are adapting to new protocols and information in relation to the global pandemic in which we find ourselves. For some family members and people living with schizophrenia, this uncertainty has heightened the pre-existing feelings of isolation and anxiety that come with managing a serious mental illness like schizophrenia.

This year, the education series is scheduled to begin immediately after the 2019/20 BCSS Annual General Meeting. BC Schizophrenia Society will be hosting Dr. Diane McIntosh and Dr. Randall White to speak to how the pandemic affects individuals and families. In addition to learning more about how the pandemic has specifically impacted those living with schizophrenia, they’ll share useful information, tips, and strategies to help during these times.

Speaker Bios:

Diane McIntosh, BSc Pharmacy, MD, FRCPC 
Clinical Assistant Professor, 
University of British Columbia Chief Neuroscience Officer, TELUS

Dr. McIntosh obtained an undergraduate degree in pharmacy before completing her medical school training, two years of a pediatric residency and then an adult psychiatry residency. She is a clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia and has a community psychiatry practice. 

Dr. McIntosh is extensively involved in providing continuing medical education programs to colleagues nationally and internationally, with a focus on rational pharmacology and the neurobiology of mood and anxiety disorders and ADHD. Every year, she delivers more than 200 lectures, always coming back to an essential, central theme: we must strive to improve the quality of care and the treatment options available for people diagnosed with a mental illness. 

Dr. McIntosh recently accepted the position of Chief Neuroscience Officer at TELUS – a Canadian communications and information technology company. She is responsible for optimizing all mental health-related products, services and innovations, leveraging TELUS’ world-leading technology to enable improved health outcomes for all Canadians. 

Dr. McIntosh is the co-founder of SwitchRx, the online psychotropic switching tool for prescribers and pharmacists. She has her own continuing medical education program, PsychedUp, which was developed to encourage the appropriate, confident, rational prescribing of psychiatric medications. She has published blogs in Psychology Today and the Huffington Post Op-Eds for newspapers focusing on mental health issues. She is also the founder of We Do Matter, which advocates more compassionate care for psychiatric patients and their families. 

Dr. McIntosh’s new book,This is Depression: A comprehensive and compassionate guide for those who want to understand depression,” was launched on October 10, 2019 and quickly became an Amazon Canada bestseller. It is written for those who have depression, for those who love someone who is depressed, and for anyone who wants to better understand the disorder. 

Dr. Randall F. White, MD
President, Western Canada Branch of the American Psychiatric Association
Member, BCSS Medical Advisory Committee

Dr. White is medical director of Vancouver Community Mental Health and Substance Use Services for Vancouver Coastal Health and clinical director of the British Columbia Psychosis Program at UBC Hospital. He has practiced psychiatry in Canada and the United States, and is currently the president of the Western Canada Branch of the American Psychiatric Association. His clinical and research interest is understanding severe psychotic disorders, and as a clinical professor of psychiatry, he is involved in many educational activities at UBC. He is co-chair of the annual Pacific Psychopharmacology Conference, and has educated the general public about mental illness at many events and in the media. He serves on the Medical Advisory Committee of the BC Schizophrenia Society.

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