For more than 25 years, Dr. John Gray has played an essential role in BCSS and our vision towards a province where those living with schizophrenia receive excellent treatment and services.

Using his extensive experience with the BC Mental Health Act, John often uses the Guide to the Mental Health Act to help families learn about the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Bulletin—gaining crucial information on how they can support their family member. Today, John continues to work to tirelessly to ensure that people living with psychotic disorders are not abandoned. And in the face of challenges to the Mental Health Act, John continues fighting to help people receive the care and treatment they need.

John’s work in relation to mental health law hasn’t been confined to BC. He has also worked in provinces across the country to help improve their mental health legislation, and is principle author of Canadian Mental Health Law and Policy—the most reliable single source reference for mental health law and policies across Canada.

John – a renowned and generous expert in our midst.

In recent years, John’s contributions have expanded beyond mental health law into new areas. In 2017, he co-chaired a committee to create Canada’s first conference on cognitive remediation. This led to a sold-out conference in Vancouver featuring presentations not only by local experts, but also the leading Canadian researcher and the leading international expert from Columbia University. John continues to be involved in plans to offer Canada’s first training in cognitive remediation this fall.

In the last couple years, John created an ongoing collaborative committee between the BCSS and the BC Psychiatric Association (BCPA). Together, BCSS and BCPA authored “Inadequate Access to Acute Psychiatric Beds in British Columbia: Is Anybody Listening?” – a report that compiles people’s experiences in accessing acute psychiatric beds and recommendations for improvement.

Dr. John Gray has and continues to make an enormous contribution towards improving the lives of people living with serious mental illnesses and their families.

Thank you, John, for being our champion!