The Partnership Education Presentation Program uses a personal storytelling model to shed light on the reality and scope of severe and persistent mental illness. A panel of three guest speakers — usually a person with a mental illness, a family member, and a mental health professional— share their insights and personal journeys with mental illness. This model allows audience members to listen to and talk directly with people who have real personal experience with police, the criminal justice system, and mental health professionals.

In educating communities this way, Partnership Education Presentations is a powerful way to foster understanding and reduce stigma. Partnership Education Presentations have been used to facilitate discussions and inform future criminal justice workers, psychiatric nursing students, psychiatrists, social service workers, and more.

Partnership Education Presentations are available in various communities across BC. To see if there are any Partnership Education Presentations that can be booked near you, contact your local Regional Educator or call 1-888-888-0029.

Partnership Education Presentation Promo Video



2013 RCMP Training in Crisis Intervention and De-Escalation Videos (featuring BCSS volunteers)

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