Free Youth Anti-Stigma Event in Ottawa Nov 16-22 -Register now.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada is hosting a National Youth Anti-Stigma Event, November 16-22, 2014. Students from across Canada, aged 14-17, will be hosted at Encounters with Canada** in Ottawa. The goal of this event is to ignite a national dialogue about mental health. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about mental health and how to reduce, in their schools, communities, and homes, the stigma often associated with mental health problems and mental illness. This journey will include group presentations, opportunities for self-expression through the arts and social media, explorations around health and wellness, as well as trips within the Ottawa area. There is no fee for students to attend this event. All of their costs for travel, accommodation and ground transportation, are being subsidized by the Mental Health Commission of Canada and partners of Encounters with Canada. More information can be found in the registration document attached here. If you have a student who has demonstrated leadership experience within your school and shows an interest in learning more about issues related to mental health and the role they can play in reducing the stigma often associated with mental health problems and mental illness, please share this opportunity with them. The document attached here >> [NATIONAL EVENT REGISTRATION Sept 7] outlines the registration process through Encounters with Canada. Questions specific to the program can be sent to: ______________________________

**Student Supervision Encounters with Canada (EWC), is our country’s largest and foremost youth forum and has been hosting youth from across Canada for 32 years. You can learn more on their website: ¬† In addition to the full compliment of staff at EWC, six teacher monitors will be on-hand to directly supervise the students during their stay. If you have questions around supervision and student recruitment, please contact the Encounters with Canada Recruitment team at 1.800.361.0419, ext 9514 or 9515.