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Apply online today for an opportunity to receive a scholarship through the Yes2Me Scholarship Program.

The Otsuka-Lundbeck Alliance and BC Schizophrenia Society are celebrating the efforts of young people living with mental illness by providing lucky recipients up to $2,000 to pursue their educational goals and build a better self for a brighter future ahead.

The Yes2Me Scholarship Program helps students with schizophrenia in accredited programs, such as high school equivalency, trade and vocational certifications, and bachelor and graduate degrees.

Eligible applicants must be residents of BC, be diagnosed with schizophrenia, and submit a completed Scholarship Application package. The Yes2Me Scholarships are helping those who live with schizophrenia and are working hard to build their futures.

*** DEADLINE: Ongoing ***


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for a Yes2Me Scholarship? Applicants who answer “yes” to all of the following may be eligible for a Yes2Me Scholarship.
  • Are you a resident of BC?
  • Do you live with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder?
  • Are you enrolled in an Eligible Program?

Employees of Otsuka-Lundbeck Alliance and/or BC Schizophrenia Society, and members of the selection committee may not apply for a scholarship.

What is an Eligible Program? Applicants must be attending, or planning to attend:

  • an accredited university or college
  • vocational institute
  • trade school
  • high school equivalency program.

Eligible programs also include private universities, accredited online institutions, and skills-upgrading or continuing education opportunities.

Non-credit, online, or home study courses are not eligible.

How can I apply?  Application packages can be accessed:

Completed applications must be submitted electronically by email or fax.

How much are scholarship awards?  Scholarship awards range up to $2,000.

What is the deadline for applications?  We are accepting applications on an ongoing basis.

How will I know that my application package was received? Within two weeks of receiving an application package, all applicants will receive an email confirming their application was received in its entirety. Should an application be missing any of the required documents, a follow-up email will be sent for resubmission.

Will I be notified if my application was successful? Applicants will be notified by email whether or not their application was successful.

When will I receive the money? Recipients do not receive the money directly, cheques will be sent to the education institution they’re attending.

What if, due to unforeseen circumstances, I’m not able to continue my education? If an applicant cannot start their program as planned, please email to discuss the situation.

If an applicant decides that they no longer want to continue with their schooling, they must complete the refund process with their chosen school and the money must be returned to BC Schizophrenia Society.

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